Mmicro-Viewlock II Video Encryption System

micro-ViewLock is an ultra-compact version of ViewLock-II, the leading video encryption system for securing law enforcement microwave video surveillance links from interception.
micro-ViewLock-II consists of a package of only 67 x 32 x 10 mm (or a PCB of 50 x 30mm). It has been designed for highly covert applications, such as body-worn video surveillance, or for integration within other video transmission equipment.
Even though it is such a small package, micro-ViewLock-II retains the all key features that have made the standard system so successful. These include dynamic line cut and rotate video scrambling and outstanding in-service characteristics such as fast lock-in time and excellent resilience to multi-path and noise interference. It is even possible to download secondary keys, together with other configuration data, via the system's serial data port adapter.
micro-ViewLock-II ensures that even the most covert of surveillance links can be securely encrypted.

ViewLock-II/ micro-ViewLock-II Comparison

Even though size has been dramatically reduced, micro-ViewLock-II is fully compatible with the standard ViewLock-II system. It is even possible to mix and match encoders and decoders of either type. All the main features and functions of the standard ViewLock-II are retained with the following main differences.

No AudioLock-II audio scrambling upgrade option

Molex edge connector rather than BNC / Lemo connectors

No video loop through on power down

Power consumption reduced to 45 mA at 12 V DC (standard 55 mA)

Non-watertight enclosures

Static parallel data port is not available

Micro-ViewLock-II Dimensions and Interfaces

Micro-ViewLock-II has been designed to be as small and low power as possible, especially for covert and body-worn applications. The system is available as housed units or as PCBs. Ideal for integration with other video link equipment.

micro-ViewLock-II Platine

micro-ViewLock-II im Gehäuse